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MORRISON, Okla. – Some Oklahoma bridges were damaged by the massive earthquake that shook Oklahoma early Saturday morning.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation confirmed that two bridges have cosmetic damage, but claim all affected bridges cleared safety inspections.

However, some drivers are still worried.

One bridge affected by the quake is located right along Hwy. 64 at the Cimarron Turnpike, just east of Morrison.

Darrell Stewart, an advocate for “Fix Your Roads Oklahoma,” said this bridge is already pretty beat up, but after Saturday’s earthquake, he witnessed even more damage.

“Saw a chunk fall that was 18 by 24 inch piece that just fell off as I drove by and I stopped and took pictures,” said Stewart.

The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority said the bridge was inspected and is safe.

“The bridge received some minor damage, majority of it cosmetic. Engineers from ODOT and OTA inspected the bridge thoroughly and deemed the bridge safe for travel,” OTA said in a statement.

Stewart said he’s not buying it and says more needs to be done.

“They need to get somebody out here to actually fix these bridges and these roads because it’s just getting worse and worse every day,” said Stewart.

It’s positive changes he said would only make the roads safer in Oklahoma.

“Hire people, get the economy going. Get some good quality work done, that’s what we need to do,” said Stewart.

Transportation officials said Oklahoma bridges are designed to withstand a certain amount of vibrations.

However, a 5.6 magnitude is one of the strongest earthquakes Oklahoma has experienced.

Inspectors will be on standby to deal with any aftershocks or related damage.

We’re told ODOT inspected 180 state bridges after the earthquake, all of them open to traffic and safe for travel.