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Police are investigating after a man breaks into a metro backyard. In a weird twist, though, he not only didn’t take anything, he left a little something behind.

Ziba, the family dog for this northwest metro home, is a no-nonsense guard dog.

Monday morning, she was sound asleep when someone came snooping through her backyard.

Police were called to a possible burglary that had occurred in a residence, Master Sgt. Gary Knight said.

This burglar left empty-handed, and the family may have never known he came if it weren’t for Ziba and her crime snuffing sniffer.

“We let our dogs out for the morning, and she immediately came right back in, my daughter hollered at me `something`s all over Ziba`,” said Shauna Walker. “Realized it was human poop, so I called my husband, and I was like check the cameras, I think someone has pooped in our backyard.”

Surveillance cameras captured images of the suspect, Knight said. The images show him walking around the house and milling around.

Though many still wonder how Walker is so sure who, or what, left behind the droppings, she’s adamant the evidence speaks for itself.

“There`s a distinct difference between the way dog poop smells, and human poop smells,” she said. “He had cleaned himself with the leaves, it was pretty obvious.”

For Walker and her family, the last day has been filled with soap, sanitizing, and baths for Ziba.

They’ve since alerted their neighbors, knowing this pooping peeper is still out there.

“We don’t know if he was casing if he was a would-be burglar. That’s kind of why I think people are so unnerved by the whole thing,” Walker said.

Though the incident happened in Yukon area, Oklahoma City Police are overseeing the case.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.