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MOORE, Okla. – Two offensive videos surfaced on a Southmoore varsity basketball player’s Snapchat account over the weekend. They are leading to suspensions and outrage through the student body.

The first video, posted Friday, shows members of the varsity rapping about things they would do for the “p word.”

All the players involved were suspended from the team, and they weren’t allowed to play in a tournament over the weekend.

Then, on Saturday, another video surfaced where some of the same players are involved and there is extensive use of the “n word.”

Referencing both videos and the initial suspension, the Moore superintendent’s office issued this statement Monday:

“On Friday evening, Southmoore basketball coaches and administrators were alerted to an inappropriate video that several Southmoore basketball players were featured in. The Southmoore basketball players seen on the video were immediately suspended from participating in a tournament being played on Saturday. A second inappropriate video involving Southmoore basketball players surfaced over the weekend. Today, Southmoore administrators began their formal investigation. Although privacy laws prohibit the district from commenting on specific discipline, rest assured it is being swiftly addressed. Moore schools has zero tolerance for the attitudes and statements made in these videos. Southmoore is taking steps to ensure that these students understand the gravity of their actions and the negative effect it has on the rest of the student body and the district.”

Moore officials are taking action, but the videos still have some students shocked.

“I think, as a woman, it was really disrespectful and it really brings down our reputation at the school. It’s really just insulting to every woman,” said Samantha, a Southmoore student.

“It’s kind of embarrassing, honestly. It’s kind of like a letdown to our school… You think of our basketball team as like prideful and, I don’t know, encouraging – but you kinda see that, and it’s just kind of embarrassing in my opinion,” said Elijah, a Southmoore student.