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OKLAHOMA CITY – Halloween is here, and there are plenty of spooky spots across the state if you want to encounter the paranormal.

The Oklahoma Department of Tourism has released its list of the most haunted locations across the state, including a couple in the metro.

The Stone Lion Inn Bed & Breakfast in Guthrie is said to be haunted by the spirit of  8-year-old Irene Houghton, who died when she overdosed on cough syrup containing opium. Guests report hearing a child’s footsteps, and even feeling a presence in their room. Paranormal investigators have also encountered several ghosts in the basement, which used to be used as a morgue.

The Gilcrease Museum is said to be haunted by deceased Tulsa oil man Thomas Gilcrease, who has been spotted wandering the grounds of the museum. Visitors have also reported seeing the spirits of Native American children running through the garden. When Gilcrease was away on business, the home was used as an orphanage.

The Cherokee Strip Museum was a hospital before it turned into a museum in Alva. Guests have reported hearing a piano that seemingly plays at random, and a blood spot on the floor that refuses to be washed away.

A female ghost named Aunt Jane is said to haunt the grounds of Fort Washita in Durant. It was Jane’s home until she was murdered by thieves when she refused to tell them where her money was hidden. TravelOK says she was beheaded and her remains were scattered and buried on the grounds.

The Constantine Theater in Pawhuska is said to host ghostly visitors in the balcony. Visitors describe the ghost as a beautiful young woman dressed in a button-down dress.

The Poncan Theatre in Ponca City is said to also contain the ghost of a young woman, who often sits in seat number four. She is said to wear a dress, sweater and old fashioned shoes. When spoken to, she sits quietly and appears to be watching something no one else can see.

Cain’s Ballroom is a popular site for music lovers, but it also is said to be haunted by Bob Wills and a lady in red.

Visitors to Historic Fort Reno report feeling cold spots, hearing footsteps and slamming doors throughout the area. While no specific spirit has been identified, visitors have reported a number of strange occurrences. The fort was used as a German prisoner of war camp during World War II.