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EDMOND, Okla. – A Thursday town hall meeting hosted by State Rep. Lewis Moore (R) drew in hundreds of people to talk earthquakes.

“This is a state where the legislature, the government, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, David Boren, Harold Hamm and everyone at OU has put the interest of the oil companies above the constituencies, and we’re done” said Cathy Matthews, a 20 plus year Edmond resident.

Emotions high as residents gathered for an open conversation about earthquakes.

“The legislature is absolutely late to this party,” Matthews said.

People here fed up with the lack of action.

We asked, why now?

“Well, at least, obviously, that’s a good question,” Moore said.

A silence many Oklahoman’s will no longer accept.

“Number one on their list ought to be protect the citizens of Oklahoma,” Matthews said.

Moore said he agrees but understands the delay.

“I think people were being protective of the oil and gas industry and rightfully so,” Moore said. “You don’t just use a sledge hammer on a thumbtack if you don’t have to.”

Lawyers present Thursday night, also urging citizens to stand up and join their lawsuits.

“We’ve all turned a blind eye because we’ve always been so enamored with the oil and gas industry, but they’re destroying our community,” said Beau Williams, an Oklahoma City attorney now co-council in an Oklahoma County earthquake lawsuit.