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OKLAHOMA CITY – Synthetic marijuana, better known as K2 or Spice, but sold under varying names.

State officials have been trying to outlaw the drugs for years but it seems manufacturers are always one step ahead.

State officials say the manufactures change the drug formula to keep it legal and still create a high.

Oklahoma has already outlawed nearly 300 of the chemicals used to make synthetic marijuana but this year the legislature is taking a bigger step and considering a bill which could hopefully rid our state of the products.

We spoke with one man who asked us not to reveal his identity but says the synthetic drugs are ruining his family.

He said, “This stuff is far more addictive than anything I’ve ever experienced … You see somebody you love just completely taken over by something.”

While our state has worked to outlaw different forms of synthetic marijuana as they are manufactured it’s been a tough battle.

Mark Woodward, spokesperson for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, said, “It’s been difficult to write a bill that would outlaw these products without outlawing legitimate products.”

This year the Oklahoma legislature is considering taking a huge step in getting the synthetic drugs out of our state.

A bill authored by Representative David Derby would create nine categories of synthetic drugs.

Under the legislation, anything which falls under those nine categories would be outlawed.

The hope is it will work better than outlawing the chemicals one at a time.

Woodward said, “It’s a cat and mouse game that we’ve been playing since 2008. Every time we outlaw a chemical there are multiple substitute chemicals ready to step in and take their place.”

It’s progress the man we interviewed hopes will happen to keep his loved one and others off of these drugs.

He said, “If you don’t hit this thing hard now then what’s the next, new synthetic drug? What’s it going to do?”

Our crew stopped by the convenience store where that man believes his loved one is getting the synthetic marijuana.

It did not appear they had anything resembling that type of product available within view and they assured us they are not selling those type of products.