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State Rep. Richard Morrissette, D-Oklahoma City, has formally announced he will seek the office of Corporation Commissioner.  Morrissette is seeking the position currently represented by Dana Murphy.

In a statement to announce his candidacy, Morrissette noted his campaign will “promote consumer protection for all Oklahomans.”

“I will serve everyone: consumers and businesses, ratepayers and utilities and their stockholders, homeowners and energy producers. We are all Oklahomans.”

Morrissette has represented House District 92 in south Oklahoma City for 12 years in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. He served on the following committees during his tenure in the legislature:

  •  House’s Appropriations and Budget Committee
  • Economic Development, Commerce and Real Estate Committee
  • Judiciary and Civil Procedure Committee

Morrissette has also practiced law for more than three decades as a public defender.