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OKLAHOMA CITY– The Oklahoma State Senate has passed three proposals meant to modernize state election laws and address the rapid decline of voter turnout on election day.

Senate Bill 312,  which had unanimous support, consolidates all local candidate elections to one cycle in the spring or one cycle in the fall, reducing voter fatigue. For example, the Oklahoma City school board elections were held in February this year, but the city council elections were in March.

Senate Bill 313, which passed 37-2, paves the way for an online system where individuals with a driver’s license can register to vote online. Over half the states in the country already have this accommodation. The Senate sites that over a third of those eligible aren’t registered to vote, and that younger voters expect to be able to complete tasks like this online.

Senate Bill 315 passed 38-7, and allows voters to request to be placed permanently on the absentee voter list, rather than having to reapply each year.

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