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It was a wild day in the trial of Daniel Holtzclaw.

A combative witness lead to a dramatic confession in front of shocked jurors.

As it turns out, the key witness tested positive for PCP hours before taking the stand.

She was the third victim to testify, taking the stand just after 2 p.m.

Her testimony began with discussing her drug use.

The woman admitted to state attorneys to taking a powerful antipsychotic the night before, saying that today “hasn’t been a good day.”

She appeared sleepy, slurring her words.

It was in cross examination that the day turned.

During a heated exchange with defense attorney Scott Adams, Adams discussed a urinalysis test that reportedly took place Friday morning, where the accuser tested positive for PCP.

The woman never denied PCP use, only disputing the timeline.

Adams believes the witness was high last night. The woman claimed it was weeks before.

Several reports show PCP will only stay in your system at a level high enough to be detected in urine between one to eight days.

Adams confirmed with NewsChannel 4 the witness tested positive for not only PCP but marijuana, as well.

Witness testimony will continue next Monday.