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STILLWATER, Okla. — City council was considering amendments to existing ordinances that regulate oil and gas drilling in the city of Stillwater, things like setbacks from homes and noise pollution.

The city council has been delaying a vote on the issue for about two months now. Tonight, they have delayed yet again, saying they want to wait on the status of several bills at the Capitol that would limit local control.

For close to two hours, speaker after speaker went up to the podium on both sides of the issue.  Some showing pictures of drilling near their house and telling the council how the noise and other activity has negatively affected them.  Others, saying that enacting these new amendments would in effect ban drilling in Stillwater and would drive the industry out.

In the end, council members said they wanted to wait to see what happens at the state Capitol.

“I feel that it’s not prudent at this point to do something,” said Stillwater Mayor Gina Noble.

A frustrating end to the evening for members of Stop Fracking Payne County.

“They voted 5-1 to approve this, the planning commission did and this was back in February and here it is, it’s April now.  We’re going to wait until May.  I’m very angry as well,” said Carolyn Meyer.

The council will take up the issue again next month.  We’ll continue to follow it.
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