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OKLAHOMA CITY – Outside the La Nude juice bar is a sign that claims you’ll find “love you can buy.”

While love may be on the menu, alcohol is illegal to sell in the all nude club.

Now, police said they’ve uncovered the naked truth.

La Nude has been open a little more than a year, one of two all nude, non alcoholic bars along S.E. 59th.

“Those types of clubs are basically considered a juice bar,” said Valley Brook Police Chief Michael Stamp. “They have to serve non-intoxicating beverages.”

But, authorities said, for La Nude, juice just wasn’t enough.

“We originally received a tip from a concerned citizen that they were possibly selling drinks that had liquor in them through infused fruit,” Stamp said.

So, police went undercover during a two month sting operation.

According to court records, officers were sold alcohol-infused cherries along with gummy bears.

These were just part of the club’s “drink specials,” listed on a menu ranging from 20-$400.

“Alcoholic beverages and nudity – you can’t mix the two,” Stamp said. “You can’t be totally nude in an alcoholic establishment.”

La Nude’s troubles are now stacking up because police said, on at least two occasions, bartenders sold the fruit to an undercover minor.

Several in the small community of Valley Brook have had enough.

“Yeah, they knew what they were doing,” said resident Anthony Hicks in passing outside the club. “I would never go in a place like that and waste my money.”

“There needs to be some justice brought down to everyone involved,” noted another man. “I think they need to shut them down.”

In all, four people were arrested as a result of this investigation, including manager Michael Strothmann and owner Colleen Hutto.

Strothmann is now in the Oklahoma County Jail on a felony warrant.

NewsChannel 4 sought out Colleen looking for answers but were turned away.

Police said city officials will be reviewing the status of La Nude’s business license later this month.