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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Governor Kevin Stitt held a press conference Wednesday to cover a number of topics but the questions from the media focused on the upcoming rally for President Trump in Tulsa.

Governor Stitt initially talked about how federal CARES ACT dollars were being distributed in the state, but he ended up answering questions about whether the president should even be coming for a rally in Oklahoma as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

“I told the president he is absolutely welcomed to come to Oklahoma any time he wants,” said Gov. Kevin Stitt.

Governor Stitt re-affirmed his support of the rally slated for his hometown of Tulsa on Saturday night, amid health concerns about the tens of thousands of people together in an indoor venue.

“We are a free society and you are free to stay home. I want people to protect their family and if people don’t want to go to the rally they shouldn’t,” said Stitt.

The Governor saying he will likely meet with Vice President Pence and leaders in the African American community in Tulsa before the rally to address ongoing concerns over civil injustices.

Stitt is now advising President Trump not to visit the Greenwood District- reversing his original request that the Commander in Chief visit the site of the 1921 Race Massacre.

“Because of the Juneteenth celebration, it could be problematic to have the President go there because some things would have to be disrupted and shut down for a presidential visit,” said Stitt.

The governor did say he will be tested for Coronavirus prior to Saturday night’s rally.

As to whether he will take personal protective precautions?

“I haven’t decided whether I will wear a mask. I’ll be introducing the President on Saturday so I won’t have a mask on at that point but whether I have one in the seats, I haven’t decided yet,” said Stitt.

Democratic Leaders at the capitol are requesting federal COVID relief funds ahead of President Trump’s visit.

House Minority Leader Emily Virgin today saying in part in a statement, “We need to ensure that the resources are in place to deal with the potential consequences.”