MONTVILLE, Ohio (Storyful/KFOR) – You can hear the terror in the trucker’s voice as he barreled toward a stopped school bus and other vehicles in Montville, Ohio after his brakes failed. “Stop, stop, stop! No!” he screamed.

It happened on April 19th, as students loaded the bus for school in Medina County. The trucker blared his horn and flashed his lights, swerving, and narrowly squeezing through a hole, created when a pickup truck that had stopped for the school bus reversed. While reversing, that pickup slammed into the vehicle behind him.

Video from the cabin footage and from two angles on the school bus show the trucker wasn’t the only one scared. “Oh God, he ain’t gonna make it!” one woman aboard the bus said. As the 80,000-pound semi barreled by, a child asked what had just happened. “You don’t wanna know,” she said.

Montville Police credit the trucker for his quick thinking, posting on Facebook, “a major crisis was avoided and many lives were likely saved.”

The trucker was able to stop about a quarter-mile down the road, according to police.