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OKLAHOMA CITY — Owners of Paseo Grill say a giant concrete monument mysteriously showed up on the front lawn of their restaurant. It weighs hundreds of pounds, and nobody knows where it came from or why it is there.

The Paseo District is home to many unique forms of art, but this new addition has not exactly had a warm welcome.

“Well, it’s not straight,” one Paseo District visitor said. “It’s not supposed to be there.”

The concrete pillar is rough in texture and appears to have been ripped from its foundation and somehow ended up in the front lawn.

“We came into work Friday morning, and we had this lovely concrete block out here,” Paseo Grill owner Lesley Rawlinson said.

The wording on the block is even more bizarre than its arrival.

“It says ‘In the year of our lord 2012 Creer Pipi claimed this land for azathoth,” Rawlinson said. “It’s kind of a problem that we’re stuck with, a very heavy problem.”

Rawlinson says she has contacted the Oklahoma City Police Department. The monument has not been reported stolen, and police say, unfortunately, the owners of the Paseo Grill are responsible for getting rid of it.

“What do we do with it and where do we take it?” Rawlinson said.

The owners of the restaurant want the real owner of the concrete block to claim it. Rawlinson says they will keep the monument for about a week before disposing of it.