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YUKON, Okla. — The family that prays together… Well we’ve all heard the familiar saying. But in this case, when a family bowed their heads before breakfast, someone was watching.

An anonymous stranger was also at the Jimmy’s Egg in Yukon, and paid for the family’s meal and left them a message. Instead of a bill, the family was served a note that read, “Because you prayed, we paid. Continue to raise your sons in Christ. God Bless.”

Sherry Thompson, Assistant Manager at Jimmy’s Egg, said the woman appeared touched by the gesture.

“She was about in tears, the customer who got her food bought,” said Thompson.

The thankful woman took a picture of the check, and posted it on her Facebook page. It has now spread all over the internet.

Thompson says patrons pray before eating all the time, so no one really paid much attention when the family bowed their heads. She says, it’s also pretty common for diners to do good deeds.

“We see a lot of people paying it forward, buying for other people. Especially coming holiday time, we see a lot of that, we do. Because we have really good customers.”

Even so, Thompson says this customer’s kindness is special to her and the rest of the staff.

“The majority of people are nice, but there’s always some people who are not. And so it always makes it, you feel better as a server to know that there are nice, kind people out there.”

A single act by a kind stranger who did not want to be recognized, but still left a lasting impression.

The KFOR team reached out to the woman whose family meal was paid for, but have yet to hear from her. We hope she will see how far the story has spread, and want to share the experience with others.

We found a post about the act of kindness on a church website in England.