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APACHE, Okla. – When Apache High School Principal Todd Vail thinks of an extraordinary student, one of his sophomores definitely comes to mind.

“She is a top student, she is a straight A student. She involved in many extracurricular activities.”

But that student is in the hospital right now — recovering from a vicious dog attack.

The teen was on her way home from the bus stop when she was mauled by 3 to 4 of her neighbors’ pit bulls.

“Ripped her clothes off and tore her hair out and I was just so afraid that she might die,” said neighbor, Karen Robinson.

She managed to call her grandfather during the attack. But by the time help arrived, the girl’s injuries were so serious, she had to be airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City.

Residents in this small community — shaken over what has happened.

“Just shocked the entire community, you don’t expect anything like that and when it does it just brings an instant shock and sick feeling,” said Vail.

For now, the dogs are in quarantine for 10 days.

The Caddo County Sheriff says he’s received complaints about vicious dogs around the county but admits — there’s little his department can do.

“Since there’s no law we can’t issue a citation or anything like that. We will submit the report to the District Attorney’s office, so he would see if there’s anything that can be filed on that in. But more than likely not,” said Sheriff Lennis Miller.

While the district attorney considers charges in the case — the threat of another attack is enough for neighbors to stay indoors.

“I’ve been confronted by dogs before here and it’s really scary. My grandchildren come to visit and we’re afraid to go out and walk the street,” said Robinson.

Staff and students at Apache High School sent cards and well wishes to the teenager.

We’re told she is in fair condition.