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MOORE, Okla. — Police are trying to find the family of a veteran after someone turned in a suitcase filled with documents detailing his career.

It may just look like an old suitcase from the outside but inside, it’s a treasure trove.

“It has a lot of neat stuff in it that’s all very old,” Jeremy Lewis with the Moore Police Department said.

Lewis said someone found it back in 2012 on the side of the road near where MacAlpine and 19th once intersected.

Inside the suitcase, there are documents that all include the name Sillvester Lee Carpenter.

“It’s pretty much all of his military documents from the 30s to the 50s. So, this suitcase must have been where he was storing this stuff,” Lewis said.

Police were able to determine Carpenter retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1963 and lived in Moore for at least some time during the 60s.

Lewis thinks they might have a face to match the name.

“This same person is in numerous photos. So we assume that is the person, but again we aren’t 100%,” Lewis said.

Police are hoping someone recognizes the man in the photos or the name Sillvester Carpenter so they can return the sentimental treasures.

“If this was my family’s, it would be neat to look through all this stuff. So, we’re just hoping to find someone that knows who it is and we can get it back to them,” Lewis said.

Police have been trying to spread the word through social media.

If you know Carpenter or his family, give police a call. ​