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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – “It’s also important to read the fine print and this case is a perfect example of that,” said MSgt. Gary Knight. 

A suspect was working overtime to try and get money from his ex-girlfriend. 

Oklahoma City Police say this started when they got a call to check on a home in a neighborhood near SW 29th and Portland. 

When they arrived on the scene, they say they found Yoshiro Maya sitting outside of his ex-girlfriend’s home.

“A woman said her ex-boyfriend was parked in the driveway and refusing to leave. When officers arrived, he was still there at the scene,” said MSgt. Gary Knight. 

The victim in this case says she got a document in the mail claiming she needed to pay Maya over $3,000 dollars for utilities and other property. 

“She showed officers a document that she had received through certified mail. It appeared to be a legitimate document from the county court clerk’s office,” said Knight. 

After closer look, police found some key mistakes. 

The word ‘district’ was misspelled ‘disctrict’ in the header, and it said ‘country clerk’ instead of ‘county clerk.’

It was also missing a notary seal, and he allegedly forged county clerk Rick Warren’s signature. 

A case number on the fake document led officials to a case that had nothing to do with Maya or the victim. 

KFOR reached out to Maya, but were unable to get through. 

Police believe Maya used a court document he received for a small claims court case he’s involved in to concoct the fake one. 

“He had a template that he had made this document to make it look like she truly was being forced to pay him money,” said Msgt. Knight. 

Maya now faces charges of forgery of records.