OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – New court documents are shedding a light on the turmoil happening in a suspect’s life weeks before shots were fired killing an Oklahoma County Deputy.

“Shots fired, shots fired!” said a deputy over the radio. “Swartz… backyard… we need some help.” (we can’t quite determine what they’re saying).

Those were the cries for help that led Oklahoma City officers to a home on Southwest 78th and Penn Tuesday afternoon.

Oklahoma City police said Benjamin Plank had just opened fire on two deputies, killing Deputy Bobby Swartz.

According to court documents, Plank’s mother filed a protective order against her 35-year-old son. She said after he lost his job in July, he had “become extremely verbally abusive.” She said “He has no less than 8 guns in the house which he brings out and walks around with.” She added, “the guns alone makes me feel fearful.”

Weeks later, his mother wrote she felt threatened and called police. Officers allegedly told her “he was drunk” and since he didn’t touch her, they advised “to separate for the night until he sobered up.”

His mother said she tried to serve him eviction papers, but days later he locked her out of the home and “wrote on my garage door ‘no pedo zone!'”.

Sources told News 4 last week, after a welfare check, officers took Plank to a hospital due to mental health concerns. After determining he was not a danger, he was allegedly released two hours later.

On August 8th, a judge found Plank owed his mother $1,500 in rent.

Leading deputies, including Swartz, to serve eviction papers.

“Open the door and I won’t kick it in,” deputies can be heard saying over radio. “Shots fired! Shots fired!”

Instead, Plank ambushed them. Two were hit.

Oklahoma City Police said Plank took off in a truck, while hauling a boat, leading officers on a chase. Shots were fired between Plank and the Police. Thankfully, no one was hit.

Plank eventually pulled into a Tinker Airforce Base gate where he was hog tied and taken in.