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NORMAN, Okla. – “The allegations against him, do not surprise me at all,” said the parent of former Norman High students, Alicia Laech.

She’s reacting to the arrest of now suspended Asst. Principal Robert Davis.

Davis is accused of drugging and raping a woman.

“We would have conversations with him one on one and its just kind of like when you hear something like that happen, it really makes you rethink like every conversation and interaction you had with him,” said newly-graduated student, Caroline Lancaster.

Investigators say the alleged assault took place in May.

Oklahoma City Police say the victim went to Davis’ house, planning to house sit for him.

“While she was there he had offered her something to drink. She began to feel effects from this drink to feel woozy to the point where she eventually passed out,” said Oklahoma City Police MSgt. Gary Knight.

The police report says the woman “vaguely remembers waking up at some point” to Davis “sitting on the bed beside her.”

She says she then woke up again later to him calling her on the phone.

The police report says she answered the phone and said, “you drugged me.”

She then told investigators Davis paused and said, “I just added Peach Schnapps.”

“She realized that she had been drugged and probably sexually assaulted,” said MSgt. Knight.

Police tell us they have spoken with who they believe to be multiple other victims.

Norman Public Schools released a statement saying:

“We were this morning made aware of the arrest of Norman High School Assistant Principal Rob Davis on a charge that occurred in Canadian County. We have immediately suspended Mr. Davis pending the outcome of these charges. He has no access to our campuses and will have no communications with any Norman Public Schools staff or students. We do not tolerate any behavior or conduct of the type that is charged.”

Former students appalled that their former principal could be accused of something like this.

“During school, he was a very upbeat like, ‘I’ll do anything for the school,’ when we asked him to do something he’d be like, ‘yeah sure I’ll volunteer for it,'” said Lancaster. “I really didn’t think this would be like actually happening.”