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OKLAHOMA CITY – Firefighters battled an early morning blaze Wednesday at a house that previously caught fire over the weekend.

It happened at a home in the 4000 block of N.W. 19th St.

This is the second fire at the same house in less than one week.

The first fire happened Saturday.

The homeowner was inside at the time and is still recovering in the hospital.

No one else was inside the home when it once again burst into flames.

“Obviously if there was a previous fire here we look at it as being suspicious until we determine otherwise,” Battalion Chief Randy Cornelius said.

The first fire was likely caused by a space heather.

All utilities in the house have since been turned off so this latest fire appears to be more sinister.

The second fire is raising eyebrows, not just among the arson investigators, but also among the neighbors who live here.

Denita Carrethers lives across the street from the house that burned.

“I just had a very uneasy feeling about this house last night,” she said.

Carrethers witnessed the first house fire on Saturday.

“I was here with the first fire, I was here from the very moment, actually even before they dragged the lady out of the house,” she said.

Now she is burdened with the aftermath of the second.

“I don’t know,” Carrethers said. “It just bothers me that anyone would do something like this. She’s already been a victim once and almost lost her life.”

It’s a tragedy everyone has felt.

“Our whole neighborhood watches out for each other,” Carrethers said.

Just like arson investigators, Carrethers doesn’t know exactly what happened but she said it’s too much, too soon, to be a coincidence.

“I mean if there’s no electricity and there’s been rain for several days past, something just can’t be right about this,” she said.

While the investigation continues, Carrethers will continue to watch and pray.

“There’s probably a lot of memories and cherishable memories that are probably not going to be able to be replaced,” she said. “We want her to get well and make it back home.”

The fire will be categorized as “suspicious” until arson experts finish their investigation. The house appears to be a total loss.