KABUL, Afghanistan (KFOR/Storyful) – The Taliban in Afghanistan says that all women are to stay home unless they must leave their homes out of necessity. So, when a women’s rights group protested in the streets of Kabul, they were met with heavy gunfire.

The August 13th protest lead to Taliban members beating a journalist and detaining both journalists and women participants. Others ran for their lives after the Taliban fired multiple automatic rounds into the sky.

According to TOLO News and the Pajhwok News Agency, women were chanting, “Bread, work and freedom!”

Hoda Khamosh is a leading women’s rights activist in Afghanistan, and captured the video above. “He shoot on us. They shoot on us,” one woman is heard saying.

August 15th marks the one year anniversary of the Taliban returning to power in Afghanistan, and the group continues to take away what little rights Afghan women and girls currently have.

Six weeks ago, the Taliban decided to postpone secondary schooling for Afghan girls, which was denounced internationally.

Women are now required to cover their faces in public and only leave home in case of necessity. Any violation will result in the punishment of their male relatives.