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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An English teacher at Raleigh-Egypt High School in Memphis didn’t let a few snow days keep her from helping students with their class assignment.

Candous Brown took to Facebook Wednesday morning for a live teaching session with about 40 of her students, according to WREG.

It was Brown’s first shot at Facebook live and she says after the initial jitters it was like a walk in the park.

“This is my first time going live. I’ve never done this before. Hopefully y’all can hear me,” Brown said on Facebook Live.

Brown’s students have been on “snow break” since Tuesday and needed some help with a class assignment.

“A couple of kids had sent a message saying they were trying to do their work while the break was still on. and that they were confused about some of the questions. and they requested a lesson live over Facebook,” Brown said.

Pretty soon there were 40 students taking part in the Facebook class.

Brown made it clear up front they shouldn’t be fooled by her kitty-kat pajamas and that she was still very much in charge.

“I’m not about to play this game about not having a pencil and you better have your book,” Brown said.

Brown says her students are reading “Guns, Germs and Steel” by Jared Diamond and had what are called “text-dependent questions.”

“The text-dependent actually help them progress through the test to make sure they understand any probing questions they may have about the text I can go ahead and clarify them,” Brown said.

Brown believes the Facebook live class was a huge success but gives her students all the credit.

“For them to actually have the drive and determination the will to actually want to do this outside of school? I’m proud of them I’ll say that I’m very proud of them,”

This isn’t Brown’s first dip in the Facebook pool. In October she turned a popular rap song into a motivational tool after some her students misbehaved while on a field trip.