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TECUMSEH, Okla. – A loud explosion and massive flames destroyed a home early Wednesday morning.

Tecumseh fire crews responded to the area of Jefferson and Edd Drive at around 6 a.m.

“This house blew up. Oh my gosh,” Amber Countryman yelled as she captured the large flames using Facebook Live. “Oh, it’s hot. I can feel it across the street!”

Countryman told News 4 she was sitting in her backyard when she heard a loud boom and saw a massive orange glow in the sky.

“I called 911 and ran down the street to see if there was any people in the home. Everyone else had come out and heard it or seen it,” Countryman said.

Thankfully, no one was inside.

The home is currently for sale. Countryman told News 4 that she thinks a gas leak may have caused the blast.

“The fire department said there was gas leaking during the fire,” Countryman said.

Fire crews rushed to the scene after Countryman and other neighbors called 911.

“The house was heavily involved in fire. There was obviously evidence of some sort of explosion, but we don’t know what,” Chief Aaron Williams with the Tecumseh Fire Department said.

The flames were so large they spread to two neighboring homes, leaving behind some minor exterior damage.

“We contacted the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal’s office to send an agent down,” Williams said.

The state fire marshal’s office will determine the cause, which is still under investigation.

“I’m just thankful that our rescue people got here in a timely manner and that nobody is hurt,” Countryman said.