ANADARKO, Okla. (KFOR) – A fire destroyed an Anadarko apartment complex Tuesday night, displacing at least 12 families.

It happened at the Landmark Apartments on SW Oklahoma Avenue. A young teen has been credited with saving many of the tenants by knocking on doors and windows shortly after spotting the fire.

Skylar Miller has lived at the complex for the past nine months. She said she was not home at the time of the fire, but walked through the charred remains of her home Wednesday morning.

“It’s just completely burnt in there,” said Miller. “Everything is just gone.”

Miller said she lost six years of family keepsakes, memories, and valuables. She said she did not have renters’ insurance.

“I’m just glad I wasn’t here. My babies weren’t here. And everybody’s ok,” said Miller.

An electrical issue reportedly sparked the fire at the 14-unit complex.

Jason Glidewell, owner of the Landmark Apartments, said he got a call during the night informing him of the fire.

“I started making phone calls to the people that lived here to make sure they’re out of the apartments,” said Glidewell.

He bought the property and recently remodeled it. Glidewell said he wanted to over more affordable apartment options in the community where he grew up. He said most of the tenants were young, single families.

The fire could have been much more devastating if it was not for a teenager who lived nearby, according to Glidewell. He said the young girl spotted the fire shortly after it started.

“She had rushed over. She had banged on all the doors of all the tenants. Just continue to bang on the doors on the outside windows until people would come to the door so she could get them out of the apartment,” said Glidewell.

Glidewell said he and the young girl’s family were unable to locate the teen for several hours after the fire, but later found her. He said he wanted to thank her for her acts of kindness.

The complex owner said the night of the fire he saw the best of the people living in the community.

“The streets had multiple people that were already gathered up trying to help the residents that were here,” said Glidewell. “I’m really proud of Anadarko and whatever we can do to help, you now, that’s what we will do.”

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Red Cross was at the scene to help with supplies after the fire. Anadarko’s First Baptist Church has also been handing out supplies and food to the families impacted. Local tribes have also assisted those living in the complex.

There is an assistance fund set up at First State Bank in Anadarko. All donations will go to help the families get back on their feet. You can also find a link to the donation fund here.