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OKLAHOMA CITY – Darryl Winters is trying to make sense of his brother’s untimely death.

Joseph was 14 years old and being treated at Rose Rock.

His first day there last Friday happened to be his last.

“It’s mess up and I don’t even know what to feel to have my brother, my little brother gone,” Winters said. “He was strangled and basically he suffocated.”

The police report states Joseph was 6-foot-2 and 300 pounds.

The family was told he may have needed to be restrained by staffers and at some point he stopped breathing.

The Medical Examiner’s office hasn’t determined a cause of death.

Rose Rock is a private facility but the DHS Licensing Unit conducted an investigation of the facility, supervision, staffing and training.

They did not find any non-compliance issues under any of those categories.

“They’re not compliant, when you don’t have video of him dying,” Winters said.

One reason the family enrolled Joseph in the program is because this facility is equipped with cameras at every turn.

According to the family, they didn’t help in this situation.

Winters said, “All the other cameras are working but that one camera that shows how my brother passed on is not working. Why?”

Rose Rock released this statement:

“We are all shocked by the unfortunate incident that occurred this past Thursday evening. We have reported the incident to all the appropriate authorities, and are following all appropriate procedures while undergoing thorough investigations by all appropriate authorities. Rose Rock and Sequel staff members acted appropriately and are very saddened by this unfortunate incident and extend our condolences to the family of this young man.”