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BROKEN ARROW, Okla. – Newly released documents show that the teen boys accused of stabbing five of their family members to death may have left plans for the murders on a computer thumb drive.

Thursday afternoon, the Broken Arrow City Attorney Beth Anne Wilkening released nearly 50 pages of documents in the Bever quintuple homicide.

In those documents was the 911 call notes from that tragic day.

According to the notes, someone from inside the Bever house called 911 around 11:30 p.m. on July 22.

The 911 call transcript indicates the dispatcher could hear a lot of screaming in the background and that she could hear “someone trying to be quiet and crying.”

The dispatcher noted the call “was placed from a disconnected cell.”

“Someone is attacking her family. I can’t get any further info,” the dispatch transcript states.

At the time, the dispatcher believed the caller “originally sounded like a young female.”

However, police now believe one of the younger Bever sons made the 911 call.

The dispatcher noted that a male was heard saying “hello” before the line went dead.

The dispatcher was able to search the number and track the address.

Within 10 minutes of the first call, police arrived on scene.

Police records show that blood was discovered near the front porch.

When officers knocked on the door, they reported hearing a faint voice from inside the home asking for help.

Officers entered the home and found a 13-year-old girl lying on the ground with multiple stab wounds.

Police say the girl told the officers her brothers were responsible for attacking her family.

Parents David and April Bever and three of their children – Daniel Bever, 12; Christopher Bever, 7; and Victoria Bever, 5 – were all found stabbed to death in their Broken Arrow home.

An unharmed 2-year-old child was located upstairs.

Brothers Robert Bever, 18, and Michael Bever, 16 were tracked to a wooded area behind their home. Police have not said what the brothers’ motives may have been.

Police recovered various knifes and a hatchet from the Broken Arrow home.

The 13-year-old girl underwent surgery at an area hospital and is reportedly stable.

The two brothers are facing five counts of first-degree murder in the stabbing death of their parents and three siblings and one count of assault and battery with intent to kill in the stabbing of their 13-year-old sister.

Both are being charged as adults.

The Tulsa World reports that search warrants filed in Tulsa County District Court on Thursday claim on of the older siblings “spontaneously uttered” that their plans were on a computer thumb drive inside one of the bedrooms.

Authorities have not said whether the Bevers had plans to harm people outside of their family.

Although defense attorneys for the brothers filed a motion requesting documents be sealed in the case, a Tulsa County judge ruled that the documents should be made public based on the state’s Open Records Act.

However, the judge did agree to keep the 911 audio recording sealed.

Robert and Michael Bevers both pleaded not guilty during their initial arraignment.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for October 28.


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