TORONTO, Canada (Storyful/KFOR) – Three Canadian teenagers are lucky to be alive after being caught on Metrolink surveillance video jumping out of the way of train in Toronto on Friday, May 20th. The train missed one of the boys by just one foot, according to Metrolink.

Metrolinx put out a statement warning people to take rail safety seriously, stating the trespassers were trying to outrun the train.

“Incidents like this are too often tragic and life-altering – not only for loved ones but for the crew and first responders involved. The train crew slammed on their emergency brakes and blasted their horn,” Metrolink stated.

When the crew stopped the train, the boys ran off. Now, Metrolink officials are appealing to their parents to bring their teens back for a serious talk. “We aren’t looking to be punitive, but we are very eager to speak with your children to help educate them and ensure they never ever take this kind of risk again,” the agency stated.