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OKLAHOMA CITY – A Texas girl’s missing emotional support pigeon has been found in southwest Oklahoma City.

Geraldine may just seem like a pigeon, but she’s a best friend to Ash Holbrook and a certified emotional support animal.

Holbrook was born very premature and was diagnosed with autism later in life. She says Geraldine brought her peace.

“To make me feel OK and not alone,” she said.

Holbrook received Geraldine last year from a veterinarian in Oklahoma City, who rescued the pigeon. The bird was badly injured, so Holbrook raised her.

The family, who lives in Sherman, Texas, decided to come to Oklahoma City for the NRHA Derby this past weekend.

While parking at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds, Geraldine managed to fly away. She thinks the 4-hour car ride from Texas made Geraldine think she was home.

“It was just so weird,” said Holbrook. “She got up really high and flew around and then took off. It was so weird. I know her. I know she will come back.”

The Holbrooks asked Oklahoma City residents to be on the lookout for Geraldine, who they said was wearing a pink diaper.

After searching all weekend, Geraldine was found Monday, in the 3300 block of S.W. 46th Street.

The family who found the pigeon said Geraldine came to them late Monday afternoon.

She landed on the carport wearing her poop-filled diaper.

They said they recognized Geraldine from the news and called police.

Ash has now been reunited with Geraldine.

Ash and Geraldine (photo courtesy: Holbrook family)