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(NewsNation) — More than a week after a Texas mother went missing from her home, investigators are still looking for any clues that might turn up answers in the investigation into her disappearance.

Chrissy Powell was last seen July 5 on a Ring doorbell camera leaving her San Antonio home. The video shows Powell, a mother of two, leaving in a rush. She left her phone behind, but she never arrived to work that day at a legal firm seven miles away.

Lauren Leal said it was uncharacteristic of her lifelong friend to not show up for work.

“We’re in our late 30s, we have a very strong work ethic,” Powell said. “We’ve always, you know, if you say you’re gonna be at work, you’re gonna be at work, and I think that’s why she woke up and was like, panic mode.”

Leal came from out of town to help search for Powell, to no avail. The family has been unable to locate her car.

Attorney Robert Wilson, Powell’s employer, said she informed the office she had overslept that day and was on her way in. But when she didn’t show up, the office manager went to Powell’s home to investigate.

“Employees are hard to find right now. And, you know, they’re not all perfect or do a wonderful job. And one employee that … stood out to us was Chrissy because she was so low-key and there wasn’t any drama,” Wilson said.

The San Antonio Police Department is working on the case, warning that Powell also left home without her medication.

Powell’s mother told NewsNation her daughter had an argument with her ex-boyfriend over the Fourth of July weekend, but it was nothing she found disturbing. The family said police have spoken with the ex, and they don’t believe he knows where she is.

Leal said she’ll continue the search for her friend for as long as it takes.

“I know she would do it for me,” Leal said. “I’ll never give up. I’ll look for forever.”