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LEAGUE CITY, Texas – A city in Texas has voted to keep undocumented children out of their town.

It’s a decision that some say sends a message of hate.

Despite protests and legal arguments against the measure, the ordinance passed with relative ease.

Carrying signs that read “Irrational fear is not the solution,” a small group of protesters gathered outside City Hall as League City residents took turns speaking for and against an ordinance that would ban the processing and detention of illegal immigrants within the city limits.

“We can’t even take care of ourselves. We have veterans that are homeless,” said one resident.

“This proposal violates public responsibility,” said another resident.

Heidi Thiess led the charge to pass the ordinance.

She says she believes the federal government is looking to dump thousands of Central Americans immigrants caught illegally crossing the border into Texas communities.

Thiess says there is not enough detention space along the border to hold them until their immigration and deportation hearings.

“They’re not talking to the people about it. You don’t get to have a hearing, you don’t get to have a say,” said Thiess.

Council member Dennis O’Keefe disagreed.

“The directives, in my opinion, contained within the ordinance are illegal, they are unenforceable, no consequences for non-compliance and embarrassing to League City’s reputation,” said O’Keefe.

Despite the back-and-forth on council and among residents, the ordinance passed with a 6-2 vote.