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OKLAHOMA CITY – One of the busiest intersections in the state is about to be under construction for the next four months. It has drivers and area business owners fearing the worst.

Even at slow times, the northwest Oklahoma City intersection at Pennsylvania and Memorial is a mess. But according to officials on Monday, construction will begin at the intersection. It will focus on the Kilpatrick overpass. A Texas turn-around already exists on the west side of the overpass, but now one will be put on the east side.

“I’m not excited, but I think our customers are going to find a way to get to this restaurant,” said Rami Abu, General Manager at Granny’s Kitchen.

Businesses in the area are worried, but officials say the turnaround will ultimately help with congestion in the area. Northbound lanes on Penn, and east and westbound lanes on Memorial, east of the intersection will be closed.

“It’s going to block off a lot of our interstate traffic. A lot of our girls depend on those customers every single day. It is going to affect us, long-term,” said Tamara Butler, server at Granny’s Kitchen.

KFOR shot three fender benders in just over 30 minutes shooting footage of the intersection. How do metro drivers feel about the added burden of construction crews working in the area?

“Mayhem, it’s gonna cause problems. It’s going to be absolute mayhem,” said Edmond motorist Mark Howard.

“I think it’s going to make it absolutely, insanely, miserable,” said Jessica Davis, of Edmond.

Officials say some of those lanes could be opened back during rush hours. Construction is scheduled for at least four months.