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NORMAN, Okla. – A University of Oklahoma mascot is dismissed for its conduct.

The mascot was fired following Saturday’s ‘Bedlam’ game VS Oklahoma State, leaving some to question whether the mascot went too far, or if it was all in good fun.

“Honestly you can just feel the rivalry,” said one fan. “It’s like palpable.”

“Oh man, that’s sort of embarrassing I guess,” said another Sooner. “Maybe taking the game a little too far.”

Somewhere during the 82-65 OU victory, one Sooner may have had more fun than most.

Several who watched the game say the mascot began taunting OSU supporters, at one point allegedly spilling popcorn on spectators.

“I mean I don’t like to say that our mascot should be in trouble, but I don’t think you should display that kind of behavior,” said Corynn Berka, freshman at the university. “It definitely makes OU look bad when you do that.”

The University of Oklahoma sent the following statement to KFOR:

“The individual involved  has been dismissed from the mascot program for unsportsmanlike behavior. The University of Oklahoma apologizes for this occurrence, which in no way reflects the standards of hospitality and sportsmanship of the University of Oklahoma.”

Exactly what the mascot did remains a mystery, but one serious question remains.

Which mascot did it…Boomer, or Sooner?


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