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OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City police officer is accused of sexually abusing a child.

Austin Brackeen was arrested Tuesday on three counts of sexual abuse of a child.

Brackeen worked patrol for the department for about two years.

“A sex crime against a child is one of the worst things you can think of,” said Captain Bo Mathews with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Police said the victim in this case is just 12 years old.

Those who live near Brackeen find the allegations disturbing.

“Somebody in charge, taking advantage of our kids,” said Lisa Noran.

It was back in March when police arrived to a southwest Oklahoma City neighborhood to investigate the allegations.

“We noticed some cop cars and stuff down there,” Noran said. “Me and my friend were out here wondering what was going on.”

The victim’s mother noticed her daughter’s distant behavior. Court documents said the girl would just stay in her room.

When the mom confronted her daughter, that’s when the victim released graphic details of the repeated abuse.

Brackeen is also an active service member in the Oklahoma Army National Guard. He admitted to police of sleeping in the same bed as the child in just his underwear, but documents show he never confessed to any crimes.

“At least one incident occurred in Canadian County,” Mathews said. “There are some other places in the state of Oklahoma that it occurred.”

The affidavit said some of the alleged abuse happened at Brackeen’s home on the city’s southwest side.

The report also mentioned an incident in Lindsay and another at a hotel in Tulsa.

“That’s very scary because I have a 9-year-old and 7-year-old that run around here playing, playing with all the kids around here,” Noran said.

She also said just knowing Brackeen is an officer is frightening.

“That just worries me even more just knowing that,” she said.

Brackeen was arrested by OKCPD but charged in Canadian County for the crimes.

If he is guilty of the felonies, he would lose his privilege to serve as a cop in the state of Oklahoma,