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OKLAHOMA CITY – A woman has been arrested for child abuse, but investigators said they found a lot of concerning things when they looked at a home in southwest Oklahoma City.

Last Friday morning, Oklahoma City police were called to the area of S.W. 27th and Youngs Blvd. after receiving reports of a possible case of child abuse.

A 12-year-old boy told officers Versina Lottie hit him in the face and arm with a hanger.

“The child was bleeding from the mouth. They went back to the house where this allegedly took place and took into custody one person who was arrested on child abuse,” Oklahoma City Police Officer Megan Morgan said.

Police arrested Lottie, who was allegedly taking care of two children while their mother was in South America.

While investigating the case, officers also allegedly discovered filth while going through the home.

“There was dog feces and urine all over the home, unclean dishes full in the sink. Inside the fridge, they found food that was expired. There was very little food the kids could actually eat,” Morgan said.

Police also said there was barely any heat in the home.

The report also stated the children couldn’t read.

Meanwhile, Lottie told police the children’s mother took off with money that was supposed to be used for their care.

“Fortunately, the children were removed from the situation and placed with DHS, so they are safe now,” Morgan said.

Neighbors are upset to hear it happened in their south Oklahoma City neighborhood.

“That’s unfortunate that kind of thing is going on, but we’ve allowed ourselves to get to a point where it’s pretty rampant,” David Mikesell said.

“You’re supposed to watch them and take care of them, supposed to make sure they get fed,” Resident Damarcus Hamilton said.