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OKLAHOMA CITY – If you have been to a Thunder basketball game in OKC, then you have seen him.

The big-bellied masked super fan known as Thundor.

Painted in Thunder blue and orange, Thundor stalks opposing players every time they go to the free-throw line.

Standing under the basket he does the Thundor shuffle and yells through his megaphone in an attempt to make players like Blake Griffen and Chris Paul miss those shots from the charity stripe.

“Any bit of distraction that I can create for the opposing free throw shooters, that’s a win.  That’s what we call free throw defense at The Peake,” says Thundor whose real name is Garrett Haviland.

His alter-ego Thundor has become a larger than life figure at the Thunder games.

In fact, fans stand in line to take pictures with him.

“I didn’t realize this would become such a big deal.” said Thundor.

In real life Garrett is a mild-mannered fella, working a job and taking care of his two ailing parents who support his hobby as Thundor.

“Thanks mom and dad…you made me into this…I know you couldn’t be prouder,” he says with a grin.

His biggest moment as Thundor…that’s easy.

“Kevin Durant gave me a shout out while he was being interviewed by Hannah Storm on national television.  That’s when I said to myself, this is cool.”

Garrett can’t wait for the Thunder to return from LA so he can once again paint up, mask up and Thunder up!