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MOORE, Okla. – Creepy clowns are causing all sorts of havoc around the country, even though most of them aren’t even real.

In fact, law enforcement agencies around the country have been dealing with pranksters posing as clowns, trying to feed into the panic.

On Thursday night, residents in one Moore neighborhood decided to confront a pair of creepy clowns.

“They’re all like big nose and like big puffy cheeks, and you know fangs and stuff. Like more or less demented style clowns,” Donald “Ducky” Tysdal said.

A pair of clowns were reportedly spotted hanging out near a neighborhood park.

“That is where they were on their skateboards and when cars would drive by, they would kind of stop in front of them, and just kind of glare at them,” Danielle Looper said.

They scared neighborhood children and even made some cry.

“It’s pretty messed up,” Tysdal said.

When Tysdal got the news, he and a few neighbors went on a clown hunt.

“My anger was a little high at that point. And when I stopped them, it was like, I definitely said a few choice words to them,” Tysdal recalled.

A neighbor snapped a photo of the clowns being cornered.

“They were pretty angry at first and hateful about it, but I was like, ‘You got to think about this. You’re making a choice that is not only scary and worrisome for our neighborhood, but it is a stupid choice on your part. Someone is going to end up hurting you because they don’t know you’re playing around,” Looper said.

Eventually one took off, but the other stayed to hear the parents’ concerns.

“After 10 to 15 minutes, he started to settle down and start realizing, and then he just started taking his clown stuff off. He’s like, ‘I get it. I understand what you’re saying now,” Tysdal said.

The neighborhood is hoping the young men learned a lesson.

“100 percent honest-if they do it again and I see it, they’re going to get hurt,” Tysdal said.

Tysdal said one clown said he was 21.

Police were called out, but no clowns were arrested.