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OKLAHOMA CITY – Officials are warning Oklahomans about a likely phishing email that appears to be from a state agency.

Oklahoma State Auditor Gary Jones is warning Oklahomans about an email with a “Notice of Electronic Funds Transfer Deposit from the Auditor of State” attached to it.

The email encourages the recipient to open the attachment for specific details regarding the deposit.

“This is absolutely a scam designed to steal someone’s personal information or damage their computer,” Jones said. “Our office has never transferred funds to individuals and would never have occasion to do so.”

Officials say the email appears to be from someone named Kevin Anderson, although there may be other versions as well. The email also includes a link to another site.

“Don’t click on the link or do anything except permanently delete it from your inbox,” Jones said. “There’s always someone trying to separate people from their money – don’t let this be one of those times. Our only ‘customers’ are the public entities we audit. We do not audit individuals or private businesses and we do not pay out funds as a result of the audits we conduct.”