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Warning: Video contains graphic content. 

OKLAHOMA CITY — Three people were hurt at a metro neighborhood after an apparent pit bull attack.

Just before 9 a.m. Thursday, police responded to a home on the 400 block of Pumpkin Circle. A woman was trying to save her cat from two pit bulls, when police say the dogs turned on her.

The woman’s neighbor, Kelly Babbit, said she saw what was happening outside and didn’t think twice to run out and help.

“One of them was little, and I thought I could take them, and I got to there and the dog looked at me and the little one took a running leap and locked onto my face and I went down and when I went down, the big one came and locked on my head,” recalled Babbit.

Her son, Nick Merrell, heard his mother screaming and said he went into what he described as “defense mode.”

“I pushed one off to the side, but the other one came up and bit me on my leg,” Merrell said. “He bit me on my other leg, but didn’t get me as good.”

As soon as they ran inside their home, they called the police.

“That was the hardest part, because we knew we couldn’t come back out. We live so far out here, it was just like, please just send them, because I thought she was dead,” Babbit said.

Officials say the woman who tried to save her cat did not suffer serious injuries.

Police say one dog was shot and handed over to Animal Welfare. We’re told the owners gave up both pit bulls and a husky on Thursday.

According to Animal Welfare records, neighbors reported one of the pit bulls and husky for being loose in the neighborhood in July 2017 and April 2018.

Jerry Smith lives around the corner from Thursday’s crime scene. He said this is not the first time a pet has been attacked in the neighborhood.

“Our dogs are deceased now, but the one dog we had got attacked right here. Neighbor over here had a Rottweiler that jumped the fence and he put a new fence up, he put plywood on the inside of it, but it still got out,” Smith said. “I mean, there [are] dogs loose all the time.”