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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – Tinker Air Force Base is assuring they are doing all they can to address mold, pest control issues and unfinished work orders impacting service members and their families.

Col. Kenyon Bell spoke to the media about the issues. He, too, lives on base and wants to assure residents they’re doing everything they can to address their concerns.

“Immediate is not soon enough,” Bell said. “However, in order to make sure that we get at the most important issues right up front, we’re attacking this in a prioritized fashion.”

Bell said mold, delinquent work orders and pest control problems are some of the issues plaguing about 20 percent of the 600 homes on base.

Some residents have gone as far as filing litigation.

All of the homes are privatized and, after a 100 percent review, Balfour Beatty, their contractor, put a plan in place and in motion.

Bell said the list is about 80 percent complete.

“So, we’re asking all of our residents to make sure that they tell us exactly what’s taking place within their homes,” he said. “We need that feedback.”

This can be done through Tinker Town Halls and a website designed to address housing concerns.

Military chain of command has been instructed to stay engaged with residents, as well.

“We want residents to be more concerned about doing their jobs than whether or not their families are going to be safe, and that’s what we’re going for right now,” Bell said.

If you or a family member associated with Tinker are not able to resolve any issue locally, you’re asked to call 800-482-6431.