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“I should’ve been a cowboy…I should’ve learned to rope and ride,” are the lyrics to Toby Keith’s first hit released in 1993.

It`s a song for the ages, “Should`ve Been a Cowboy” was written more than two decades ago.

“I wrote it basically in about 25 minutes and it changed my life,” Toby Keith said.

Now twenty-five years later and with countless hits this Moore Oklahoma native is re-releasing the album made famous by that hit song. In fact, that remastered album will also be re titled “Should’ve Been a Cowboy.” Toby credits that song for all his continued success.

“You know when you come in this business, you`re not guaranteed anything so that song was more important than the other hundred I released because it kicked so many doors down, gave me an opportunity to breathe a little bit and expand and get out there, whereas you come in and you fail on your first couple of songs you may be over with in that business,” Keith said.

Toby is home for a while visiting a place, he opened five years ago called the Ok Kids Korral. It’s a state-of-the-art facility for families to stay while their children are battling cancer.

“This is Ritz Carlton meet Disney World and people who are behind this and the people who come in, there`s so many community people that come through here and support this place,” Keith said.

And when he`s not performing, he`s watching his OU Sooners. He has fun with the Bedlam rivalry.

“I know that when bedlam is on OSU’s turf, they like to do a little thing where they like to play ‘Should’ve Been A Cowboy,” Reporter Lacey Lett said.

“Of course they do,” Keith responded.

“How does that make you feel?” Lett asked.

“Fine. the Dallas Cowboys play it too. One year we went up there me and Coach Switzer bunch of us took a couple buses up there, and we tailgated. OSU beat the dog out of OU that year and as we were walking out of the stadium they put ‘Should`ve Been a Cowboy’ on loop and it sounded like they played it 30 times before we got to the bus. They just played it over and over and over again, but it was good walking music for me,” Keith said.

And while this country music superstar is taking time off, another hometown superstar — 14-year-old Darci Lynne is busy shooting her upcoming NBC special.

“It`s called Darci Lynne: My Hometown Christmas so we`re shooting some of it in Oklahoma City so we`re really excited for that. I just wanted to you know get in that I`m still a normal kid and I still celebrate Christmas just like any other kid,” Darci Lynne said.

The special won`t air until mid-December, but news four got a sneak peek at what`s in store and as you see, Toby, Darci and her puppet Petunia will make an appearance together.
“She said, `I`ve like to get Toby to sing a couple Christmas songs with me, and I want to shoot it at the OK Kids Korral,” she said.

For Darci showcasing her home state is important. This 8th grader still leads a relatively normal life.

“I`m staying in public school because I think of it as school is where I can go and just be Darci and then I perform with thousands of people and be Darci Lynne so it`s kind of a balance. School is a balance and church,” Darci Lynne said.

“I know it`s about Family togetherness. That`s what the whole special is about so tell me what`s your favorite thing to do with your family?” Lett asked.

“Me and my family are we love to decorated the tree together. Definitely love to do that. My parents hate getting on the roof to do the lights so they always make us four kids do it so we`re up there having a grand old time putting the lights on the roof,” Darci Lynne responded.

“You make your brothers do it right?” Lett asked.

“I actually love going up there.”

Right now the family is focused on Darci’s favorite accomplishment to date, which is the NBC special.

“What`s life been like for you in the past year?” Lett asked.

“Life has been amazing. I`ve gotten to do so many things that are so much fun. I`ve been touring, and I`ve gotten to do a lot of fun things that are coming out soon. Now the Christmas special so it`s been a whirlwind,” Darci Lynne said.

And Darci is excited to share her very own special with other Oklahoma stars like Toby Keith and also Kristin Chenoweth.

“It was really special to perform with Toby and you know be in the moment here because all of the kids out there I know they`re going through a hard time right now and struggling and in need of a smile or a laugh and I think we did that for them with his guitar and his music and Petunia. It all just came together nicely and help them have a special Christmas,” Darci Lynne said.

This unlikely pair met for the first time on this day, but Toby already sees a spark in Darci.

“She`s went out there and taken on the world and made success for her own self. She`s going to have a bright future so I was like absolutely. I`ll reciprocate that any day,” Keith said.

Two Oklahomans with totally different backgrounds coming together for the holidays.