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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. – One by one Monday, prosecutors called witnesses to the stand to testify in the jury-trial of Nathan Leforce.

Jury selection took place last week. The jury selected is made of seven men and five women.

Leforce sat straight-faced in the courtroom, as he watched day one of the trial.

In April of 2017, Logan County Sheriff’s Deputy David Wade went by a house along Mulhall Rd., near I-35, in Logan County to serve an eviction notice.

Investigators said footage from Wade’s body camera captured the moment that Leforce suddenly pulled out a gun and fired several rounds at Wade.

Wade was shot four times in the body and face, but he was still able to call for backup as Leforce stole his patrol car.

Sadly, Wade eventually died from his injuries.

The first person to testify Monday was the woman who owned the rental property at the time. She said she watched from near her truck as Leforce pulled out a gun to shoot Wade. She testified she ran to try and help Wade who was fighting for his life, telling everybody around to grab blankets or anything they could find.

The woman who was living at the the home at the time was in tears on the stand saying she was inside the home at the time, packing up things to get ready to move out. That’s when she heard what “sounded like fireworks.” She said she ran outside to see Wade on the ground.

Lt. Paul Martin took the stand, describing Wade as a hard-worker and said “he was always ready to come to work.”

Martin said he was the first officer on the scene and immediately grabbed his first-aid kit to try and help Wade.

Martin said the deputy was still alert and he could still understand him when he got there.

Monday, Wade’s friends and family all wore buttons with his picture on it in support, still left heartbroken by the tragedy.

The state filed a bill of particulars in the case which means, at the end of the trial, the jury could request the death penalty.