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NORMAN, Okla. – The trial for a Norman father accused of murdering his daughter is now underway in Cleveland County.

In June of 2017, officials say Ronald Lee McMullen called 911 and told dispatchers that his 22-year-old daughter had been shot in the face.

“Did she do it?” asked the 911 operator.

“Yes,” answered McMullen.

Emergency crews responded to the home in the 1700 block of Abe Martin Dr., but thought something just wasn’t right about McMullen’s story.

The search warrant affidavit states that McMullen was covered in blood and even had blood under the tank top he was wearing.

As officers tried to take photos of McMullen, the report states he “kept trying to wipe off the blood all over him with a towel.” In fact, officers report they had to physically restrain him from wiping blood off with his hands.

Medics attempted to revive Kailee Jo McMullen, but it was no use.

Kailee Jo McMullen, cropped from Facebook, Ronald Lee McMullen booking photo

Several days later, Ronald McMullen was arrested for his daughter’s death.

According to court records, McMullen was charged with one count of first-degree murder with deliberate intent. He has pleaded not guilty.

The trial for Ronald McMullen resumed Wednesday in Cleveland County District Court.

In his opening statement Tuesday, defense attorney Michael Johnson said Kailee shot herself and that gunshot residue on her hand supports that theory.

However, prosecutor Jacobi Whatley disputed that theory. According to the Associated Press, a Norman police officer testified Tuesday that Ronald McMullen called his wife and called his daughter’s mother before calling 911.