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LAS VEGAS, Nevada – “You guys have anything to drink tonight?” Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Travis Smaka asked the driver, whom he pulled over for speeding along I-15.

The driver’s answer was no – at least not yet.

Little did he know, he and the trooper were about to be showered with spewing beer.

“Just as I ask the question, I hear the sound that always gets the hairs on my neck standing up, of brakes locking up,” Smaka tells KSNV.

A beer truck had lost its load when a driver cut off the semi.

“Over 1,000 pounds of beer shattering and a tidal wave of beer coming at me,” Smaka said.

Dashcam video captures bottles, cans, and beer raining down upon the vehicle, as the trooper ducks for cover.

Semis are described as interstate torpedoes – they are extremely heavy and take a long distance to stop.

Smaka and the men he pulled over are lucky they didn’t have to dodge the truck itself, and were able to leave the scene laughing.

“That was one of the funny things I was thinking about afterwards. I just picked up my uniform at the dry cleaners and then I was soaked head to toe in beer!” Smaka said.

No one was injured in the crash.

The trooper showed mercy on the man he pulled over, by giving him a warning rather than a speeding ticket.

Apparently, when beer container debris pelts your paint job, that’s punishment enough.

No word on whether police caught up the the driver who cut off the semi, causing the accident.