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MISSISSIPPI (WFLA) – A Mississippi trooper is drawing praise for his random act of kindness after he bought a car seat for a woman’s son after ticketing her three times.

The mother, Niya Sumter, gave a personal account of the experience on Facebook, saying she was pulled over by Mississippi Highway Patrol Trooper Bradley Sanders who gave her three tickets.

Sumter said her son was trying to get out of his “big boy seat” as Sanders was talking to her.

“He was buckled in, but he wasn’t in the proper car seat and he was able to freely move around,” Sanders recalled in an interview with WAPT.

Sanders said he decided to buy the child a car seat after going back to his cruiser and speaking to his wife.

“Can I say how good God is?” Sumter wrote on Facebook. “After giving me my tickets, he said, ‘Follow me. Let’s go buy your baby a car seat.”

“She was very grateful. She was saying, ‘Thank you,’ and she understood that the traffic stop was legitimate. She had no issue with what was going on,” Sanders said. “She did state she was trying to do the best she could with her son being in the car seat that he was in.”

Sumter took a photo of Sanders and her child in the checkout line at the store, which was shared thousands of times.

Sanders told the news station her three tickets could be dismissed in court.