JOSEPHINE COUNTY, Oregon (KFOR/Storyful) – Law enforcement officers are often met with unexpected situations – such was the case for an Oregon State Trooper, who was praised for his “cat-like reflexes,” when he caught an overly excited dog that jumped out of a window and straight into his arms during a traffic stop.

“Sasha!” the driver said, as her friendly dog jumped out the window. The trooper caught the dog, which is seen in the above video from two different angles. “Thank you so much, Officer Silver!” the driver says as she shakes his hand.

Trooper Silver is heard laughing as he sends the dog right back through the same window.

He had stopped the woman for speeding along I-5, but let her and her sweet dogs go with just a warning.

The Oregon State Police posted, “While contacting the driver and distracted by a coconspirator, a canine occupant attempted to elude on foot… Trooper Silver’s dogged pursuit of peace and justice, paired with his cat-like reflexes, allowed him to take the canine into immediate custody and return him safely to his owner.”