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OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Highway Patrol tells KXII that it is beginning to crack down on violators of a new law that went into effect late last year.

Beginning Nov. 1,  a new law in Oklahoma targeted motorists who drive too long in the left lane.

“We’ve all seen the semis that are side by side that are doing the speed limit or slightly under the speed limit, and they hang out there and that causes congested traffic behind them, people get road rage, causes events where we have crashes,” Trooper Dwight Durant, of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, told KFOR in November. “Those are the things that we are trying to eliminate.”

The new restriction states that a vehicle may not be driven in the left lane except when overtaking and passing another vehicle, other than in situations where traffic conditions or road configurations require the use of the left-hand lane in order to maintain safe traffic conditions.

Now that drivers have had a couple of months to get used to the new law, KXII reports that troopers are planning to ramp up enforcement.

If caught violating the left lane law, you could face a fine of $236.