LOS ANGELES, California (KFOR/Storyful) – A 10-year-old boy fulfilled his late grandfather’s wish before an emotional hug with LA Dodger’s all-star pitcher Clayton Kershaw.

His grandpa had a passion for baseball, and had always wanted to meet Kershaw, before dying from brain cancer. “So, this moment is important for me because I’m meeting you for him,” the boy said.

Blake Grice went to a press conference in Los Angeles after the All-Star Game on July 19th.

“I want to tell you a quick, little story,” Blake started by saying. He then explained his grandfather’s dream. When Blake begins to cry, Kershaw stood up and gave him a hug, saying, “Come here dude, it’s great to meet you.”

Kershaw also praised Blake for his courage in telling his story.

The two then posed for a picture of the moment that Blake, and most likely Kershaw too, will never forget.