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TULSA, Okla. – A wrongly convicted man is now free after being behind bars for nearly three decades.

“I’m feeling blessed. It’s unbelievable. Blessed,” said Corey Atchison, who a judge said was wrongly convicted of murder.

Back in 1991, Atchison was convicted in the murder of James Warren Lane.

A Tulsa County judge ruled on Tuesday it was a crime he didn’t commit.

“It hits you and you move on. Like every time you trip, you fall. But you gotta get back up and you move on because if you do it longer it’s gonna tear you down,” Atchison said.

Atchison was convicted on testimony from a single witness. That witness recently came forward to say he was coerced by police into testifying against Atchison.

The assistant District Attorney denied any wrongdoing by the state.

“I don’t even know that those matters should have been considered by the court at this stage because of the fact that this again is a post-conviction proceeding, not a jury trial. We had a trial years ago,” said Jimmy Dunn, Tulsa County Assistant District Attorney.

While 30 years of his life were spent behind bars, Atchison said he’s now ready for his new normal. And looking forward to spending much needed time with his family.

“I can’t hold no grudge. Life is too short. I got some time with this little guy. You know what I’m saying. To make him into a man,” Atchison said.

The Tulsa DA said the prosecution is planning to appeal the judge’s ruling.