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TULSA, Okla. – Police in Oklahoma say a woman managed to slip out of handcuffs and steal a police car after she was arrested for allegedly driving a stolen vehicle.

The Tulsa World reports 36-year-old Angie Lynn Frost was arrested following a traffic stop on Friday. A Tulsa police officer detained Frost in his vehicle while he investigated the vehicle she was driving.

Frost had told the officer she borrowed the vehicle from a friend.

A police affidavit says the officer heard the electric door locks in the police car activate and saw that Frost had slipped out of the handcuffs and was climbing over the driver’s seat.

The affidavit says Frost put the patrol vehicle into drive, cut the steering wheel to the left and sped away. The vehicle was later found abandoned and police apprehended Frost on the stairs of an apartment building.

She was booked into the Tulsa County Jail on complaints of larceny of an automobile, possession of a stolen vehicle, escape from arrest, resisting arrest and driving under a suspended driver’s license.